Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost – Mathew 28:19

     We would like to tell you about how the Lord called Dr. Thomas to be an apostle. He was born and brought up in Madurai, Tamilnadu. He has five brothers and two sisters. His parents brought up all children in the fear of the lord. However he was rebellious against them. He came from R.C.M. background.

     His dear father who loved him dearly, passed away while he was studying in tenth class. Since he was rebellious no one loved him. Finally, he decided to go to the R.C.M. Seminar. He could not see any change in him though he went to the seminar. Finally, he was saved and also received the Holy Spirit Baptism through a doctor baptised in Holy Spirit. After the mighty anointing of Holy Spirit, he could not stay in the R.C.M. seminar any more; as something deep down in his heart compelled him to come out. He went back home. His people did not receive him and he was driven out. For many days he lived and slept on the road and platforms without any food.

     For days together he starved and strangely believed that, God was moulding him for something great, in days to come. One day God spoke to him in a clear voice, asking him to go to Andhra Pradesh as a missionary. He came to Andhra Pradesh, though it was an unfamiliar place for him. He had an Apostolic calling. He established 17 kinds of ministries as per his calling and settled down in Rajahmundry.

     God is using him in a mighty way and the ministry is crossing the boundaries of Andhra Pradesh. He has planted 530 churches all over the Andhra Pradesh state and in other states all over the country as well. God is using Bro.Thomas mightily in all the 9 gifts of Holy Spirit, where ever he goes. Bro.Thomas has also travelled many nations as an Ambassador of The Almighty. God has blessed him with a beautiful wife Sheeba, two loving daughters, Katharine and Karishma and son Silas.