This is the time for miracle workers; this is the time for wonder workers, for prophets, for deliverance ministers. Now is the time for miracle ministers to be raised up all over the world.

— Prophet Ezekiah Francis

Church Ministry

For the past 20 years we’ve been joining together at Dahinchu Agni Church, Rajahmundry
to worship Our Lord and Witness HIS Presence among us. We currently are doing two Services with 3000 people attending each service.

Women’s Ministry

Women are not weak, as a matter of fact they are Mighty Warriors of Prayer. We at Dahinchu Agni, have raised up prayer groups for Women, who pray for the nations and also preach the Good News in their neighborhoods.

Magazine Ministry

There is a great need of Gospel in India. We proclaim the message about Christ, and we use all our wisdom to warn and teach everyone, so that all of Christ followers will grow and become mature. Taking this scripture as a base in the year 1993, we have started publishing this magazine with 500 copies. The prophetic message given by the Holy Spirit has been a great blessing to thousands of people and is bringing thousands to the saving knowledge of Christ. Every month we anoint this magazine before releasing it. People are experiencing God’s anointing and delivered in a mighty way. We are enlightening such wonderful testimonies from time to time in the magazine. Now, every month we are sending 75,000 copies free of cost. God willing, our vision is to print 1, 00,000 copies per month in the near future.

Letters Ministry

Everyday we receive a lot of letters from people asking us to pray for their needs. Dr. Thomas and his team pray for them and write back to them personally with the word from God. For the past 20 years this ministry has been a great blessing to thousands of people.

Literature Ministry

Dr.Thomas & Sheeba Thomas have authored more than 19 Books in the category of Christian Living. The Blood of Jesus, The Holy Spirit Series are the most requested and sold copies till date. Many people wrote back through mails about the impact these books had on their lives. As well as Dr.Thomas Wrote more   than  1500  songs  with  the help  of  the  Holy  Spirit  Out  of  that  we  made  16 volumes as an audio album.Please pray for the books yet to be printed and new books to be written and to print.

Gospel Crusades

There is a great need of Gospel in India. Every month we held Gospel Crusades in various parts of India. India is the largest Democratic Nation with millions of People. Million people inhabit the state of Andhra Pradesh. Today, God is mightily using Dr.Thomas all over the country. The Mighty Lord  has blessed  him  with  the gifts  of  the  Holy  Spirit, especially with  the gifts of  healing  and   Prophecy.  Lame walk, deaf hear, dumb speak; blind see and demon possessed are   delivered.  Dr.Thomas   lives purely in faith and   Expenditure for these crusades from   his own resources.  He   is reaching   out   to   the   unreached   places. We regularly have these prayers at Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag, Warangal, Khammam etc.,

Fire Conferences

These Conferences are held Quarterly and Annually to equip and encourage the Men & Women of God, who are constantly working for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. Past 10 years, we conduct conferences   to   edify, encourage   the evangelists, pastors and laymen. Powerful and anointed men and women of God are invited to teach in this conference. Glorious camps and worship seminars are conducted for pastors and evangelists who are broken and backslide.

Television Ministry

 The Bible says, “Go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples”. According to this scripture, God gave a great commission to him to preach the gospel with signs and wonders and reach all the nations. So, we have the burden top reach the gospel through visual media. Every month we are spending 7, 00,000 Rupees. So, please make it as a prayer point and pray for this ministry.

God is Great and Greatly to be praised. He has been very faithful to us in every little thing we’ve need. His Strength has enabled us to do these ministries and continue to do the. We praise God for all the love, prayers and the support you have shown unto us.

For the Note: We don’t receive any Foreign Funds or Gifts from other Countries. This Ministry is run by Faith and through the support of the Church.